Re: CfC - Add Focus Visible (Enhanced) to WCAG 2.2 draft

On 06/12/2019 13:46, Alastair Campbell wrote:
> Call For Consensus — ends 11th Dec 2019 at 12:00 (midday) Boston time.
> The Working Group has discussed adding a new success criteria to the 
> WCAG 2.2 editors draft, “focus visible (enhanced)”.
> The specific changes are detailed in this pull request:
> Call minutes:
> Survey: 
> If you have concerns about this proposed consensus position that have 
> not been discussed already and feel that those concerns result in you 
> “not being able to live with” this decision, please let the group know 
> before the CfC deadline.

Coming in late on this, I am wondering about the third point:

"The focus indication area has a 3:1 contrast ratio against all adjacent 
colors for the minimum area or greater, or has a thickness of at least 2 
CSS Pixels."

doesn't the "or" clause then simply allow absolutely faint contrast 
ratio to be used, as long as the thickness is 2 CSS pixels?

I'm assuming this is supposedly then covered by the following note

"A focus indicator that is larger than the minimum area may have parts 
that do not meet the 3:1 contrast ratio, as long as an area equal to the 
minimum does meet the contrast ratio."

But, if this is a hard requirement, shouldn't it be part of the third 
bullet? Also, what about focus indicators that are *exactly* the minimum 
area (so not "larger than"). Would they also escape this clause?

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