Re: What is a failure of 1.3.5 Identify Input Purpose?

On 21/01/2019 23:28, John Foliot wrote:
>> that collects user data, without an autocomplete - and relevant
> I'd re-write that slightly Josh, to say instead "...that collects data 
> about the user..."
> I'd agree that looking for @autocomplete would be important as part of a 
> testing strategy, but, just as how we also say "look for @alt" for 
> images, we all know that, while in the early days, that WAS the 
> recommended technique,  additionally today we can't fail <img src="..." 
> aria-label="photo of Josh">.

But now the latter is ok to pass because...there's actual widespread 
support for it. Once there's widespread support for something other than 
autocomplete, sure...

Otherwise, this all becomes highly hypothetical and aspirational...and 
in the end, doesn't actually help any users in the real world.

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