Re: CFC - Decision to keep 1.3.4 where it is

Detlev Fischer wrote:
> I thought it was clear that in the absence of a new SC layout in 
> Silver and the need to keep 2.0 SCs as is, we were content with a less 
> then perfect structure for the time being.
+1 - I also urge the group to take the longer view.
> For practical purposes of conforming and testing conformance, it makes 
> no difference where exactly 1.3.4 is housed.
> There is so much to be done regarding Techniques and Understanding 
> docs that I dearly hope the effort would go there rather than into 
> continuing this drawn-out SC position squabble

Joshue O Connor
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Received on Friday, 16 March 2018 09:00:54 UTC