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On 06/03/2018 2:20 PM, Léonie Watson wrote:
> On 06/03/2018 12:28, Michael Cooper wrote:
>> Here is the detailed timeline we have set up to manage our progress 
>> to Recommendation:
> The timeline has the AC review starting in PR, but unless I'm missing 
> something, the 2018 Process says this should be triggered at CR 
> [1]
This might be old text that was not updated. Although I can't find an 
announcement that went out, a clarification was put on the Process wiki 
page back in September 2017:

This noted that starting AC review at CR had introduced problems and 
practice was returning to starting AC review at PR. This is reflected on 
Process 2018, where the section on CR does not say an AC review should open:

while the section on PR does say an AC review should open:

It seems the editors of the process document didn't clean up the 
reference you found when making this change. But the intention in the 
timeline to start AC review at PR does reflect the current Process 

> From 6.1.2:
> "A Candidate Recommendation is a document that satisfies the technical 
> requirements of the Working Group that produced it and their 
> dependencies, or makes substantive corrections to a Recommendation 
> that is not maintained by a Working Group, and has already received 
> wide review. W3C publishes a Candidate Recommendation to
> - signal to the wider community that it is time to do a final review
> - gather implementation experience
> - begin formal review by the Advisory Committee, who may recommend 
> that the document be published as a W3C Recommendation, returned to 
> the Working Group for further work, or abandoned.
> - Provide an exclusion opportunity per the W3C Patent Policy.
> Note: A Candidate Recommendation under this process corresponds to the 
> "Last Call Working Draft" discussed in the Patent Policy."
> It goes on:
> "A Proposed Recommendation is a document that has been accepted by the 
> W3C Director as of sufficient quality to become a W3C Recommendation. 
> This phase establishes a deadline for the Advisory Committee review 
> that begins with Candidate Recommendation. Substantive changes must 
> not be made to a Proposed Recommendation except by publishing a new 
> Working Draft or Candidate Recommendation."
> Léonie
> [1]
>> Michael

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