Re: Use of ARIA to satisfy 'Identify common purpose' SC

Hi David,

I’m fairly sure it is an update to the previous version. I read the spec previously, the structure is similar and the types of content are the same (e.g. field, link, button), it’s just a change of attribute name.

I’m not involved, but working backwards I’d guess the ARIA WG came to a decision about the name, generalising beyond the COGA use-case.

I can’t see a definition, but perhaps it means ARIA UI?  Hmm, that would be an acronym inside an acronym, perhaps just accessible UI?


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Hi Lisa (or anyone else who knows)

How do the new personalization semantics of coga-* vs uia-* relate to one another.

Is UIA-field just an update to COGA-field or is there something new happening here?

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