RE: Unsupported Autofill values and Common Purpose

I prefer option 2.  I still support some version of this SC going forward in 2.1. We moved to the HTML 5.2 autofill tokens because they provided a reference point but I believe we still had decent support for the short list (though less than for the tokens).  If the tokens are not being supported then the argument for them loses weight.

Has anyone done a comparison between the short list and the token list?


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Subject: Unsupported Autofill values and Common Purpose

Hi All

I think we are in a very difficult position. It appears many of the HTML 5.2 autofill tokens are not supported by browsers (and there are currently no plugins that work) Furthermore, some of them might disappear from the next version of HTML. One reason we decided to reference this list of over 50 tokens instead of the shorter list that we had internally was because we believed they wouldn't have gotten into the HTML 5 spec without support. Apparently, this was a mistaken assumption because only about 18 out of over 50 are supported.

So now we are in a position where we may be requiring authors for the next several years to implement tokens that have no support that might disappear in the next version of HTML. There is currently a new COGA sec being developed by Lisa and Richard that uses these values (referenced in last week's minutes). We've also been told by the COGA team that the existing success criterion has lost 95% of its existing intention.

As I see it we have several choices before us:

1. Remove the success criterion for 2.1 and wait until the next version of WCAG where technology is more stable things settle down. Maybe at that point the new specification being developed by Lisa and Richard will be stable and there will be AT to support it.
2. Go back to an internal list which is short and only includes the supported values such as first name, last name etc. this may send us back to another round of CR. Or perhaps we've got it in time... I don't know.
3. press forward and to face the music

My Preference would be #2.

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