Re: Finding agreement on common purpose

On 16/01/2018 15:47, David MacDonald wrote:
>  > How? Machine learning?
> We've been hearing about mapping documents for months and never seen 
> one... that's what I'm talking about...

I've not been following this closely, admittedly, but:

1) there needs to be one true set of unambiguous tokens that define 
different purposes (so that ATs/UAs/extensions know which exact "common 
purpose" a particular thing serves);
2) surely when people here talk about "mapping" they mean "whatever the 
host language uses in terms of its own unambiguous token mechanisms, and 
how these translate 1-to-1 to the tokens for purpose proposed in 1)"

> Anyway... I'm ready to drop AccName being sufficient and tell everyone 
> to use autofill... but I know there will be a lot of authors and their 
> companies bummed out to have to do that on a bunch of forms that have a 
> programmatically determinable obvious name.

Define "obvious name", in a way that is always unambiguous, to all 
ATs/UAs/extensions, in all possible languages. Without proposing a 
restricted set of token values.

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