Re: a suggestion for Personalization Semantics

he is asking for the regions to be in the  AA not AAA. As it is covered by aria it seems easy to add them

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Maybe I'm missing something but it appears to me what Martin is saying is that TextHelp could leverage the <main> element or role="main" or perhaps <article> element. I don't see anything in this email that indicates a need for additional attributes...

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HiThis is some feedback from texthelp. 
SHould I move it to an issue?

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Hi Shadi, Lisa,

It was great to get a chance to discuss the proposal for Personalization Semantics  in some detail today. 
It may be an improvement to include "Main Content" as a UI element.

Use case:
Imagine someone is in a Kindle Reader type application.
The entire UI is composed of 
Next Page
Previous Page
Menu (to go to library etc)
Main Content
As a preference I may like my Main Content to have a certain font, spacing etc. and may want to suppress the other UI.
If this was to be implemented as a WGAG 2 success criteria Texthelp would implement support for the feature in Read & Write for Google (12 million users)

I am happy to hop on a skype call to discuss this for clarity if it helps.

If you can indicate the likelihood of my proposed improvement, I can add it as a project backlog item and move towards implementation.  

Best Wishes,
 Martin McKay 
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