RE: Guideline 2.6 text

How about:
Use device sensors in ways that support users.

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Date:   2018-01-09 08:44 PM
Subject:        RE: Guideline 2.6 text

I don’t think using words like “appropriate” provides much of a guideline, 
so I’m not a fan of either of these.  I think Andrew’s roughly captures 
the point, but I’d suggest going instead down a path similar to GL 2.3, 
Seizures, and stating what we know not to do.  Maybe something like:
“Sensors: Do not use device sensors in ways that presume physical 
capabilities of the user.”
Note I dropped “additional” and “input”.  Neither of these helps the 
handle at all.
Katie, your version I think is not the right message.  That is, the 
guideline should not be to use sensors because there’s no accessibility 
reason for that.
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Subject: Re: Guideline 2.6 text
Suggest: Guideline: Sensor Inputs
Provide additional optional functionality using device sensors when 
On Jan 9, 2018 10:42 PM, "Andrew Kirkpatrick" <> wrote:
Thoughts on this?

Andrew Kirkpatrick
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