New Thread: Changes to Target Size for Issue 631

Hi Steve,

I think you are missing an important aspect: it isn't about total "square
footage", but rather that the clickable target is at least 44 CSS px along
one axis of either height or width. Given time, resources and a desire to
do so, I'm sure I could come up with a polygon of more than 5(+/-)
different faces, with an even greater total mass than your strawman, and
yet still design it so that it would still be difficult for some users to
focus and click on if the clickable regions was indeed a polygon shape (but
in browsers that isn't true, with the exception of client-side image maps
and/or SVG content).

I think you are correct, we need to remain focused on "boxes" (i.e. the
browser box model), and the key is that one of the planes of that "box"
needs to meet a minimum length, whilst it's companion axis should be a
measurable value (my proposed 'default font height', which is close enough
in my humble opinion).


On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 4:09 PM, Repsher, Stephen J <> wrote:

> -1
> I’m all for compromise, but this CFC has landed on math that is completely
> illogical and I cannot live with it.
> The impetus was that most targets would likely have a height of at least
> the default text size of 16px (which I completely disagree with but let’s
> run with it).  So we’re saying that a pass is given to a target with
> dimensions of 44 x 16px, which has a target area of 704 square pixels and a
> maximum length along the diagonal of about 47px.
> However, a target with dimensions of 34 x 34px would fail even though it
> has 64% more area for the user to hit (1,156 square pixels) and a slightly
> longer diagonal of over 48px.  Asking anyone to swallow such an illogical
> criterion does not make any sense and certainly shouldn’t be in a candidate
> W3C recommendation.
> The only way this is going to work is to go back to a square target area
> that we can defend, and come up with exceptions that everyone can live with.
> Steve
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