Issue 650 Does the Hover or focus SC apply to tabbed interfaces?

issue #650 to which I'm assigned

They ask if the hover or focus SC applies to tabbed interfaces...

The issue is significant as far as I can see. Initially, I wanted to say no
because in general tabs don't change on hover. However, many tabbed
interfaces change on focus. Such as the wai aria best practices example.

The SC says that it must be able to "dismiss the additional content without
moving pointer hover or keyboard focus" The way to dismiss a tab with a
keyboard is to move focus to the next tab. Tabbed interfaces don't have a
little "x" and you'd have to move focus even if there was. The problem in
the SC seems to be "without moving pointer hover or keyboard focus" in the
first bullet. It seems we'll need to amend the SC to say something like:

   - Dismissable: A mechanism is available to dismiss the additional
   content from within the new content or by moving focus away from the
   control that activated it, ...;

It seems like a real problem.

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