Re: Has any progress been made on making gitHub Issues to conform with WCAG 2.1 Reflow?

Hi Wayne,

I'm compiling an updated collection of issues for discussion with Github 
and Microsoft, as well as status of some of the earlier issues that were 

And yes reflow is one of the issues on our radar.


- Judy

On 6/28/2018 1:34 PM, Wayne Dick wrote:
> Dear Michael,
> Have we taken any steps to push gitHub toward meeting the Reflow 
> criterion. The issues that are used as the primary means of 
> communication are not accessible. It would be nice to let interested 
> members with low vision participate.
> We have developed and approved guidelines that include Reflow up to 
> 320 CSS pixels. We did this because reflow was deemed to be essential 
> and doable by web designers. I think we should use tools that support 
> low vision so that members of the w3 with low vision can participate.
> Have we written a letter? Have we communicated the problem to GitHub 
> in any way?
> Best, Wayne

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