Re: motion or scaling animations

Yep, agreed. once we get some better research, we can think about timing, 
but we pulled it out because we just don't have the data on thresholds. 
That resulted in taking the timing out and moving to AAA.

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From:   Alastair Campbell <>
To:     David MacDonald <>
Cc:     Joshue O Connor <>, Michael Gower 
<>, WCAG <>
Date:   2017-12-15 06:15 AM
Subject:        Re: motion or scaling animations

Hi David,
> If we want slow scroll to be in scope, then I would suggest 
reintroducing our time exemption, scoping out animations less than 3 
seconds, or 1 second at least.
I don’t think that is necessary.
From the proposed SC text:
“Motion or size animations triggered by a user action can be disabled 
without preventing the action, unless the animation is essential to the 
functionality or the information being conveyed.”
Slow-scroll is an animation the author has added to the native 
functionality, and not required for performing the action, so is not 
It would make a good example in the understanding though.

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