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On 21/11/2017 17:03, Kathy Wahlbin wrote:
> Based on the feedback on today’s call, I took a stab at modifying the 
> target size success criteria language for AA and AAA.  See the section 
> “Alternative Wording” on the WIKI

 From the "SC revision discussed on Nov 21 call" section:

* In-Page - The target is a text link where the destination is on the 
same page;

Why special-case in-page "text" and "link"? If the idea is that the fact 
this just leads to somewhere on the current page, and the user can 
scroll if they are having difficulty clicking/tapping, then this 
rationale would apply equally to non-text links, or non-link controls in 
general that have the effect of jumping (scrolling and moving focus) to 
another part of the current page?

* Text Links - The target is a text link with a size that is at least 22 
pixels in width or height;

Assuming text links are special-cased here as traditionally it's 
difficult in certain situations to provide enough vertical size (other 
than using padding top and bottom, which can interfere with text 
above/below) and it's difficult to guarantee the length/width of the 
text as well? It still feels arbitrary that, if we had two links - one 
text, and one that looks/acts exactly the same but is made up of a 
graphic/image instead - the text one would have more lenient 
requirements than the other. And it provides a strange loophole for 
authors who have been using non-text links (e.g. graphics) - they simply 
need to change the links to use text instead in order to fall under the 
less prescriptive requirements.

 From the "Alternative Wording - Level AA":

* Text Links - The target is a text link with a size that is at least 22 
pixels in width or height unless it is in a block of text;

As this is already a bullet in a list of "except" exceptions, it's 
unclear what the "unless" is negating. Is it negating the exception 
altogether (i.e. if the text link is in a block of text, it doesn't 
count as an exception for the SC at all)? I suspect this is intended to 
mean "if it's in a block of text, the entire SC doesn't apply to it at 
all"? If so, I'd suggest that needs to be written excplicitly, to avoid 

And same comment as above about why this just applies to "text" and "links".

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