RE: Zoom / Reflow SC understanding doc updated

Hi David,

Fair point, I think that was left-over from making the point to the group, so I’ll remove that.

I’d like to keep in the 400% references given that the first line of the understanding explains that is the aim.



From: David MacDonald [
​I'm a little uncomfortable with the benefits section where it compares low vision users to blind users. I don't think its a helpful narrative. ​If the point is that we should do this, I think simply saying that there are x number of low vision users is sufficient.... if we start down this comparing path then we'll be some saying there are 10 times more people with cognitive disabilities than low vision... it's not really a road we want to go down on our official understanding docs.

David MacDonald

Received on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 09:15:16 UTC