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Hi Jason, 
I do understand that exceptions or qualifications to a requirement need to be part of the SC text.
But as I understand it, the intended requirement is fully expressed in what Alastair suggests ("Content does not restrict the orientation unless one display orientation is essential") and has nothing to do with mechanisms for locking / switching. If instead we say something like "A mechanism is available to view and operate content in all display orientations" this can easily be construed by developers as a requirement to include a mechanism on the web page that would be neither necessary nor desirable in most cases. So we start an author requirement by stating something that is normally the OS's business. That seems like a bad design choice to me.

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White, Jason J schrieb am 18.10.2017 18:18:

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>> Sure, it would be. I would just prefer to see that in the Understanding doc
>> and
>> not overload the SC text too much. But if others think it has to be done, so
>> be it..
> [Jason] If an exception or qualification to a requirement isn't in the text of
> the SC, then it doesn't exist for normative purposes. The Understanding
> document can't alter the normative implications of the text of WCAG, so you
> can't put exceptions in there or qualify the meaning of a requirement in a way
> that isn't provided for in the SC text.
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