RE: Proposed replies to Pointer Gestures public comments (IBM)

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Subject: Re: Proposed replies to Pointer Gestures public comments (IBM)

> All functionality that can be operated with pointer input can be operated with a single untimed pointer gesture, unless a multipoint or timed gesture is essential.

I'm open to a better suggestion than mine but I think we need to identify that *IF* a control using muliti point or timed gesture *THEN* single point can be used *UNLESS* its
[Jason] Are you arguing that the same UI component must be able to respond to either (1) a single untimed pointer gesture, or (2) a timed or multipoint gesture? That is, if it supports (2), then it must support (1) as well? I’m not sure that this is what the requirement should be, but I’m at least trying to clarify David’s intent here.
I would prefer the simpler requirement that multipoint or timed gestures are not required unless doing so is essential (according to our definition of “essential”), which is what my counter-proposal to David’s says.


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