Addressing concern over the words "easy" and "easily available"

There was a request by the chairs to document possible options to address
concerns over the testability of the word "Easy" and "easily available" in
SCs. Here is where they occur in the standard.

The term "easily available" appears in 2.2.7 Interruptions. It has a
definition.The term "easy" appears in the first exception for 2.2.6. It
does not have a definition, it is followed by a few examples.

Options to address ambiguity:
1) remove the terms
2) switch the term "easily available" with something like "prominent" which
is not as subjective, and is has greater testability.
3) regardless of whether the term "easily available" or "prominent" is
chosen, the definition will probably need work. The term "with as wide a
scope as possible" would be very difficult to test for auditors. How would
an external auditor know what is possible for the author?

I think there needs to be concerted effort put into this if the terms and
definition is to stay. It will take bandwidth of seveal members. For the
term "easy" in 2.2.6 I've made a pull request to remove that instance as it
is not testable and there is no definition. The exception seems to work
without it.

This analysis is to get the discussion moving. Here are the SC text:


2.2.6 Accessible Authentication
First exception:

   - The authentication process involves basic identifying information to
   which the user has ***easy*** access, such as name, address, email address
   and identification or social security number;

2.2.7 Interruptions (Minimum)
A mechanism is easily available
<> to postpone and
suppress interruptions and changes in content, unless they are initiated by
the user or involve an emergency.

Definition in glossary
easily available (or easily available mode or setting)

one or more of the following are true:

   - can be set one time with as wide a scope as possible (such as using
   the standards of the operating system, from ISO 9241-112
   or GPII <> [GPII <>]
   when available);
   - has the option to save or change the setting, where available
   interoperably, but also for the scope of the set of web pages;
   - is reachable from each screen where it may be needed, and the path and
   the control conforms to all of this document.


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