RE: Compromise on Numbering: Changing 11 AAA numbers solves the level problem

Detlev wrote:
> I had a look at the mockup and I fear an  ID: 1.4(21)2 is not easy to understand let alone speak. How would you refer to that? 

The point would be that we don't (at least in conversation!), the reference would be the short-name / ID.

I'm suggesting that with the de-emphasis of the numbers, we use the same scheme that we have now, so the new zoom one would be 1.4.10.

However, with the numbers de-emphasised, we could have the numbers out of order and maintain the level-order, with the new ones at the bottom of each appropriate level. (Or, within the level-order, would could then order them in a more meaningful way. For example, the colour contrast ones come together.)



Received on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 14:08:10 UTC