Solution for the Editor's Note on Adapting Text SC?

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The editor's note on the adapting Text SC currently states [1]:

"The Working Group seeks to include overriding text color, background
color, and font-family as part of this SC, but is not yet able to
identify a way to do so that is sufficiently testable."

Gregg V has suggested adding 2 bullet points and a note [2] to solve this:


5. text color to any color that the user agent allows background color
to any color that the user agent allows
6. font-family to any font family that the user agent allows and has
immediately available

NOTE: If the user is changes the text and background colors - then the
author is not responsible for meeting any contrast SC other than for
the colors specified as default by the author.


In addition Scott Hollier seems to be in support of the color bullet
and has commented [3], "The Adapting Text SC would be a fantastic
addition. As a high contrast color user its often the case that
websites don't account for user-defined colors and you end up in
situations where text gets garbled or you can end up with for example,
black text on a black background. The specifics of this need some work
but I'm a big fan of the principle."

Should we add Gregg's bullets?

Previous discussion and related info:

The LVTF previously discuss dropping the font bullet from the SC. With
the exception of Icon Fonts, which we hope to address via Issue 297
[4] the LVTF hasn't found a page yet where the font family cannot be
overridden via bookmarklet or user stylesheet or VIP-PDF Reader. The
TF resolved to remove the font bullet last April. [5]

The "Adapting Text user to content requirements table" [6] tries to
sort out what actually breaks for users and how to address it.



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Received on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 19:49:55 UTC