WCAG 2.1 QA checklist and editorial pass plan

I've started a checklist to document some of the editorial practices 
I've been using for WCAG 2.1:


Most of the items here are intended to maintain a consistent style with 
WCAG 2.0. In the course of incorporating SC into the draft I did some of 
these things as I went, but since I didn't have the checklist then I 
didn't consistently catch everything.

I'll soon take a pass to make all the SC consistent with each other 
according to this checklist. Before I do, I want to offer the group an 
opportunity to review the checklist. If you think any of the style 
guidance should be different, or you disagree that implementation of 
this guidance would be editorial, please let me know. If you have 
additional style guidance to suggest, let me know of that as well; I may 
add things to this as I come across things.

For the most part this checklist doesn't address some code-level stuff I 
also do, as that's clearly editorial I think, and likely to evolve. 
There are a few code-related things from things I've noticed causing issues.


Received on Friday, 1 September 2017 19:50:52 UTC