Wiki page for potential SC

There have been questions about where to store thoughts about SC that 
didn't make WCAG 2.1 and we want to keep track of. I've set up a wiki page:

This page also references other places potential SC might have been 
tracked (such as Silver, Post WCAG 2.0 page which is too messy and 
triaged to reuse at this point IMO).

If you know of other places requirements are collected, such as in work 
done by task forces, add a pointer to the top of the page. There is no 
need to copy the ideas into this page, just the pointer should be 

Otherwise, if you want to record an SC idea for future consideration, 
just plunk it in this page.

Note there is no guarantee that stuff put in this page will make it into 
guidelines, nor when / what version. This is just a place to archive 
thoughts so we don't forget about them when future opportunities come up.


Received on Friday, 1 September 2017 17:52:11 UTC