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Summary of 24 SC Proposals broken down by task force.

From: David MacDonald <david@can-adapt.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 14:00:00 -0400
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Hi All

Congratulations on surviving to this milestone...

I think we did a great job at picking the SCs that have the best chance of
making the long trip to Recommendation. Here's a summary as I see it. I've
updated the spreadsheet.  tinyurl.com/jmo9st4

There are 24 Success Criteria proposals and a new conformance reporting

- 7 SCs at Level A
- 12 SCs at AA
- 5 SCs at AAA

==Breaking these up by Task Forces:==

Cognitive Task Force (7 New SC Proposals)
- 1 Level A
- 4 Level AA
- 2 Level AAA

Low Vision Task Force (7 New SC Proposals)
- 1 Level A
- 4 Level AA
- 2 Level AAA

Mobile Task Force (10 New Proposals)
- 5 Level A
- 4 Level AA
- 1 Level AAA
Mobile conformance clarification that conformance is required at each

ePub Task Force: 1 conformance addition

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