Re: CFC - Purpose of Controls SC

Denis wrote:
> Putting the entire list in the Understanding document seems like a more viable approach.

I would agree, except that it is then not normative and therefore not testable.

I do agree they should be moved out of the SC text, into a definition (which is normative I think).

> I just can't picture myself teaching about this SC with the list included in front of clients, let alone defend the working group in the fact that this was the right approach.

It is a much smaller hurdle than ARIA, and even now a lot easier to understand & implement.

Rather than saying: “If your widget matches a particular pattern, go look at the ARIA practices and work on the JS needed to implement keyboard controls and ARIA attributes.”

You would be saying: “If your link/input/button matches one of these, include this meta-data or associate an explanation.”
It is much closer to landmarks than widgets.

More explanation about the approach:

Examples that could fulfil it (according to me so far, so open to argument/update):



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