RE: New requirement for conforming alternate versions

I assume you don’t mean providing that guidance within the normative text?  We would need to update the associated section in Understanding and perhaps add or modify some techniques and failures, but that should be pretty straightforward.


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We considered this same situation when addressing the new Authoring Tool template requirements in Revised 508. I think some guidance on labelling and location is appropriate, and this seems pretty solid.

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On a quick review, it appears well written and carefully specified to me, with desirable additions to the existing definition.

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I support the addition for WCAG 2.1

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On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 9:45 AM, Repsher, Stephen J <<>> wrote:
Currently, The requirements for a conforming alternate version are laid out in the glossary definition.  However, there are two big things missing from these requirements in my opinion:

1.      There’s no requirement to actually label a link to a conforming alternate as such, and thus how would the user know?

2.      There’s no requirement to tell the user what is altered so they can judge whether they need such a version.

I filed this a few weeks ago on GitHub and hoping to get some more quick feedback:<>

And here’s the new definition being proposed:<>

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