RE: new wording for Undo

Hi Lisa,

> David’s wording removes the case were you touched the wrong bit of a screen and you want to return to the previous  context, such as a new screen opens and I do not know how to get back ( unless it is part of a process) EG - via  a back button.

By screen do you mean new page, or another app on the device? I’ll assume it’s a new page.

Pressing back *generally* gets you back to the previous page (context), but if it doesn’t, then it is a huge requirement to get every form to save it’s data as you go along (per field).

Often the browser reload the page in the same state after you press back but, if it doesn’t, there is not much an author can do.

The two principle solutions I can think of are:

  1.  Save the data as you go along, per field or possibly per character if you were really going for it.
  2.  Use an ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page’ dialogue.

Both of these are problematic. The first requires a lot of coding, possibly more than is required for creating the form in the first place. (A simple contact form that sends an email suddenly needs a database, or some other form of storage.)
The second is really annoying when you do want to leave. If you search for the term<>, most people are asking how to turn those off!

If you are programming a stepped process you have control over the process, but once the user navigates away from that process it might be out of the authors hands.

> Also, data is no longer controlled by the site can include an auction etc.

Ok, I’m wondering if there is a better way of saying it, perhaps:
“the data has been changed by another system or includes a time limit. “

Hmm, that’s not very good, I’ll think about that. I know there were a lot of comments about this before, so ignore this comment unless I come back with something better.

> Dependent data is data that no longer makes sense once you changed a different piece. For example, if you change the flight destination, you hotel booking need to change as well . It is dependent data.

Ok, the branching issue. It just reads oddly unless you have the explanation. It might work better as an exception:
“The data lost is due to a logical consequence of the users corrections.”



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