Re: new wording for Undo

I think the use case is inclined in "Users can undo actions, return to the previous context"

Do you see a problem with that?

(The current wording is:Users can undo actions, return to the previous context and correct data entry without loss of non-dependent data except when: 
 allowing the user to undo an action or maintaining data may cause harm such as adding risk to the user privacy or security; 
 the user has confirmed an action; 
 allowing the user to undo an action may invalidate the activity; 
 the action can no longer be controlled by the site;
 the user has been idle for 24 hours. 
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     HI Lisa,
 > The problem is that we lose a large number of use cases, such as picking up the tablet and everything is now gone. It wasn't a step in the process , it was a mistake, Now I want to go back.
 I'm not clear how that was covered before?
 Either you can go back to a step (probably needs to be 'any' step in the SC text to answer Jason's query), or you can't.
 I'm not clear how a web-page would enable you to go back, except to allow people to press back or provide links back to previous steps, which is what this covers.

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