Re: new wording for Undo

Hi Lisa,

> I think the use case is inclined in "Users can undo actions, return to the previous context "
> Do you see a problem with that?

The problem I see is that there are three items there:
- Undo actions
- return to previous context
- correct data entry.

Which overlap (e.g. Data-entry is an action, returning to a previous step might be an action?), and then it isn't clear what the exceptions apply to. The exceptions (as written) mean that all three items are ignored if the exception applies, and I don't think that's what you want?

I initially saw the 'undo actions' as a description of what the next two are, I didn't realise that was something you were trying to implement universally. In which case, I don't understand how that could work, it needs qualifying in some way. (What's an action? Clicking a link? Moving a slider? Clicking next on a gallery/carousel?)

A general "the user can undo any action" is unreasonable, my mind boggles at trying to do that across all widgets on all websites even with the exceptions.

The reason I asked about the intent was to work out if the scenario was data-entry driven, and the steps aspect was scoping that scenario. I thought it was so went in that direction.



Received on Wednesday, 19 July 2017 13:28:23 UTC