Re: new wording for Undo

* > Does this mean “any” or “at least one”? *

I think my wording requires that use return to any previous step, which
I've made explicit below ... But I think we'll need to either put that out
for public comment or discuss with developers the implementation issues
involved in going back more than one step, and balance that against the

When an action is one of a sequence of steps that need to be completed in
order to accomplish an activity, users can return to any previous step to
correct their data entry, without loss of data they entered, except when:

•       it would undermine privacy or security;
•       the user has confirmed an action;
•       doing so prevents an essential function of the content;
•       the data is no longer controlled by the site;
•       the user has not interacted with the site for 24 hours.

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> That's good, I'd just suggest keeping the object consistent, so say
> "previous step" rather than previous context.
> *[Jason] Applying this to David’s proposal, the reference would be to “a
> previous step”. Does this mean “any” or “at least one”? That is, does the
> option of moving back only one step satisfy the SC, or must the user be
> able to move back any number of previously completed steps before making a
> correction? This seems ambiguous in David’s proposal, which is otherwise a
> considerable improvement over previous formulations.*
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