RE: Moving Issues 62, 63, 71 to the conformance section

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The proposal is to sum up all of these in the conformance section by ensuring that the definition of a page, includes different versions of the page that are delivered based on the size of the screen. Here's a proposal.

A paragraph would be added to the conformance section something like this:


The full page includes each variation of the page that is automatically generated by the
 for various screen sizes. Each of these variations (or their respective conforming alternate versions) needs to conform in order for the entire page to conform. However, if a user actively chooses a setting on the page that optimizes or personalizes the state of the page for accessibility reasons, this new state does not necessarily need to conform, because the conforming version can be reached by undoing the setting.


[Jason] I support the principle of the above, but I think we may need to rework the text and the focus somewhat. A clearer principle, which I began to articulate yesterday, would be as follows.
If (1) the content includes features that enhance its presentation or functionality in specific hardware or software environments (e.g., as rendered on devices with different screen sizes), and (2) different user agents or assistive technologies are in use in each of these respective environments, then the ways in which technologies are relied upon to satisfy the success criteria are only accessibility-supported if they are compatible with user agents and assistive technologies in each of the environments for which enhancements are provided.
I’m not sure whether we would then need an exception for personalization introduced for purposes of improved accessibility, since in those cases, it doesn’t seem to me that both of the above conditions would be met. Note that the second condition (the relevance of different UA/AT software) greatly reduces the scope of the situations to which the proposal would apply, but it isn’t confined to screen size as in David’s proposal. Also, my proposal would qualify the discussion of accessibility-supported ways of using technology either in the Conformance section or in the glossary definition.
The above text is a rough first draft to which improvements are most welcome.


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