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Moving Issues 62, 63, 71 to the conformance section

From: David MacDonald <david@can-adapt.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:28:01 -0400
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To: WCAG <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
Today we came to a consensus that it is worth exploring moving the the
proposed SCs, 62,63, 71 to the conformance section. This is a start to that

​     ​
#62 Keyboard with AT: All functions available by keyboard are still
available by keyboard after accessibility-supported assistive technology
that remaps keystrokes is turned on.
​     ​
#63 Touch with AT: All functions available by touch are still available by
touch after platform assistive technology that remaps touch gestures is
turned on.
​     ​
#64 Non-interference with AT: Content does not interfere with the normal
operation of the platform assistive technology, or a mechanism is available
to override the interference, unless:  it is essential for use of the
content, and the user is warned before using the component.

These are all mobile task force SCs.

​     ​
- #62 Is largely covered by 2.1.1 but it adds a requirement for keyboard to
work when Platform screen readers such as VoiceOver are enabled
​     ​
- #63 requires everything to still work when platform screen readers are
​     ​
- #64 Requires that the content not interfere with the operation of
platform screen readers.

The proposal is to sum up all of these in the conformance section by
ensuring that the definition of a page, includes different versions of the
page that are delivered based on the size of the screen. Here's a proposal.

A paragraph would be added to the conformance section something like this:


The full page includes each variation of the page that is automatically
generated by the
 for various screen sizes. Each of these variations (or their respective
conforming alternate versions) needs to conform in order for the entire
page to conform. However, if a user actively chooses a setting on the page
that optimizes or personalizes the state of the page for accessibility
reasons, this new state does not necessarily need to conform, because the
conforming version can be reached by undoing the setting.


It would be placed after the last paragraph in the section "Understanding
Requirement 2" just before the Notes at the end of the section.

If we did this, I think the intentions of these SC would be met in the
conformance section
​ and we could retire these proposals.​

David MacDonald

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