Re: definition of the a/aa/aaa levels

I think silver needs to be a complete rethink of accessibility.  

the world is changing rapidly and we need to get in front of it.      We keep tuning guidelines for todays technologies which will be yesterdays before we get done playing with them.   

we need to start discussions of accessibility of 
verbal/visual pages
agent oriented web access
what will cognitive AT look like and what do we need to support them. 
the merging of content, agents, and author tools
the role apps are playing vs web apps
augmented reality 
Lets get those discussions going before we get lost in conformance levels. 


Gregg C Vanderheiden

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> So I'm fine with using these and other categories as an initial way to try to assign levels, but we should no publish a set of considerations for why they were put there... I think that's a rat hole, from which Gregg is trying to spare us.
> [Jason] This is fine for 2.1, but for Silver, I would like to see another attempt to establish a principled distinction between conformance levels.
> In particular, I think the designers of Silver should consider creating only two conformance levels, in recognition of the fact that (even under WCAG 2.0) most policies require Level AA conformance, and hence the de facto distinction is between Level AA and Level AAA conformance. This is an argument for collapsing A and AA in Silver.
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