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> I would separate "X is essential to Y', from "essential" in the more general sense.
> At one end of the scale, this is quite specific:
> "graphical objects that are essential for understanding"
> It is about an attribute of the content, not the user's goal or the pages's
> purpose.
> ‚Äč
> For me, it gets shakey is when you have to make assumptions about what the
> user (or site owner?) thinks is essential for that page. (Which Jason covered so I
> won't expound on that.)
[Jason] This is the right distinction to draw. I think "essential to an activity", when used as an exception to a requirement, is defensible in that it only applies to content that has a single, clear purpose which would be undermined by the requirement. For example, timing may be essential to certain activities, but the exception only applies where there is an unambiguous, intended purpose.
For the reasons that we've discussed, I think broader uses of "essential", "critical", and similar terms are highly problematic.


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