Re: Should the boxes around blocks of text in the FPWD have Sufficient contrast under the new SC. WAS: Re: CFC: Publish WCAG 2.1 FPWD

> ​- ​an alternative ​means of visually displaying the essential information​ is provided. (e.g., visible text)

I cringe whenever I see  ‘essential’ in a rule.      

1) there is no way to judge essential 
2) there is a long history of this term being abused by developers to not include things you would judge as essential. 

for example — on phones — only the dial pad is essential.   not being able to look things up in the directory of phone numbers on your phone.  or anything else on your phone. 

on a web page — only the primary function of the page is essential.   all the rest is extra 


and worse.

Essential is not objective 

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