Re: Are we modifying WCAG 2.0 SC's in our WCAG 2.1 SC proposals?

I think it makes a lot of sense that we stick to semantic versioning, which
would mean that if we want something replace, we mark the old one as
deprecated, and we create a new one with a new number and title.

Replacing criteria is a path to confusion and madness IMO.


On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 6:15 PM, Andrew Kirkpatrick <>

> The question has been raised about this, and to clarify, the decision
> arrived at was that the working group would not modify WCAG 2.0 SC in the
> new SC proposals. The group intends to review the collection of new SC’s
> together after FPWD and re-review this decision in order to try to find the
> best balance of readability/usability of the spec and stability of existing
> SC.
> We made this decision following a survey in January (
> and any
> statements that may have seemed to contradict this decision were
> unintentional.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Kirkpatrick
> Group Product Manager, Standards and Accessibility
> Adobe

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