RE: CFC: Manual testing processes

Alastair asked:
>> For future, do I need to +1 if I answered in the survey?

AWK replied:
> It helps clarify support for people who may not have paid as close attention

Okay, then  +1 for this CfC.

> If no one responds to the CFC at all, the CfC would pass based on the chair’s identification of consensus and the lack of objections to the chairs interpretation.

That is, of course, very sensible.

> Sometimes it helps for people to hear that people do support the CfC explicitly.

Okay, but the opportunity cost is adding noise to a very active listserv, when we concurrently have another thread discussing how the process is confusing to the very SMEs we are trying to solicit. 

I would ask that folks please take more time to trim your outgoing public-facing email messages.

A +1 top post to the original CfC is okay in this case, since the chair is explicitly asking for that, but I very much appreciate that Alastair asked the question!

Received on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 14:46:55 UTC