on low quality success criteria and adding all TF approved SC to the

I just want to qualify the fears of "low quality" success criteria making the draft.

I do not believe any SC from a task force can be rightly labeled "low quality". they have all been researched, checked,  drafted, discussed, redrafted, discussed, redrafted, and vetted by the respective task force - in  what could well be the best panel of experts that have probably ever gathered on their subject.
They might have issues with regard to meeting the WCAG bar for backward compatibility, testability etc. But I think low quality is a missleading term. They are all essential accommodations for groups of people with different disabilities. 

That is why I suggested having them in with an editors note identifying what the issues are that would need to be addressed before CR.

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Lisa Seeman

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Received on Friday, 10 February 2017 14:57:56 UTC