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> I think it's also not realistic to expect all authors of all web content out in the
> wild to start adding specific customisation code to all their sites - that is one of
> the concerns. It's a much bigger ask than for authors to add new, solidly
> specified and standardised, and UA supported attributes in markup. So
> realistically, the extension route is probably the one that should be explored
> further.

[Jason] Well said. A further undesirable result of having personalization scripts included in Web content would also be that different authors would inevitably use different scripts, or different versions of the same script, leading to inconsistent experiences for users.
> Worth exploring if the extension script can also make sense (and to what
> degree) of existing and well-established markup elements and attributes
> - for instance, if a page uses the <aside> element, or has elements with a
> role="complementary", treat those as non-essential, and have the extension
> hide these as non-essential. This way, the extension would become immediately
> useful on sites that use modern markup, even if authors haven't added any new
> proposed attributes.
[Jason] This is a very important point: use existing markup wherever it makes sense, defining new attributes only where necessary. For example, if it would be useful to be able temporarily to hide/show the navigation region (ARIA role="navigation", or an HTML 5 NAV element), or temporarily to suppress everything except the main region, then all of this is made possible by ARIA roles that authors should already be using.


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