Re: Research on frequency and severity of failures

Hi Mike, 

It really depends upon the size of the application, site or offering and 
how much accessibility is addressed early, e.g. during unit testing.

One of our accessibility verification teams was auditing a 75,000 LOC web 
application. They anticipated 200 accessibility violations from prior 
experience. They did not break these down by Level A or AA. However, since 
the developer ran automated scans during unit test, they only found 18 
issues. This is much closer to Alistairs numbers. 


From:   "Michael Gower" <>
To:     Alastair Campbell <>
Cc:     WCAG <>
Date:   01/10/2017 09:15 AM
Subject:        Research on frequency and severity of failures

Alastair wrote:In a typical audit we usually get 10-14 level-A issues, 4-7 
AA issues, is that the same for others?

When I was working on a model for accelerating accessibility, I had very 
similar questions not only about the relevance of WCAG levels, but the 
nature, frequency, severity and remediation efforts for accessibility 
issues. I've identified this as a research opportunity, as I did not find 
much useful data. I'd welcome any references, data sources or 
non-anecdotal findings on this topic.

Michael Gower

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