Re: Discussion on SC numbering

> We should not touch current SC. If there is slight overlap with SC, so be it….:-)

Hi Katie,

That isn’t the situation for many new SCs, the impact of that approach is that either:
-          None of the ‘increased’ requirements can make it through to 2.1 (including many from COGA), or
-          We will have duplicate (raised level) or severely overlapping SCs.

For example (from a quick skim, there are probably more):

All of those will either overlap *a lot*, or they can’t go into 2.1.

NB: I had raised this previously [1], but it wasn’t really the time to discuss it as the SCs weren’t close enough. Now they are.

What I’m saying is that if a new SC is “Good” (meets the SC requirements apart from overlap), then we tackle each case, analyse the understanding, techniques & failures docs, and if it can be done in a backwards compatible way, update the existing SC.




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