Re: Co-ordinating feedback

Hi Michael,

> I think we need to come up with another approach - put the SC in the wiki and have the issue point to it,

I could see that working, if the issue basically links to a particular version, e.g.: 

Then you could update the wiki and add a link to the new version. The comments and tracking are in github, the SC text is versioned on the wiki.

> I'm not sure if the milestones feature really helps us... It might be that tags serve better, or that we'll have to do some of the progress tracking outside of the GitHub interface. 

If an issue gets a lot of comments, and is significantly updated, we might want to drop that issue and start again, otherwise you could have 50 irrelevant comments to scroll past and need to work out where to start reading again.

We could link to the previous issue from the new one, if people want the history.



Received on Wednesday, 7 December 2016 22:23:31 UTC