Re: Adding a non-task force SC

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I’ve added an issue.

> Regarding the animation SC, my initial take is that the way to make this acceptable to stakeholders we need to have a way for authors to use animation (in some cases it may provide benefit to some users) and a way for end-users to turn it off or limit it.

I’ve included two techniques so far, one current (G186), and a potential new one referencing this proposed media query:

G186 would be a sufficient technique, the preferences one wouldn’t have support for a while.

> Can users turn it off today in the same way that many low-vision users do to modify the appearance of web content with custom style sheets?

There is a large variety of ways the animations can be caused, so it is difficult or impossible without the site meeting them halfway (currently more than halfway without a user-preference). If people start putting those animations within a particular media query then providing a switch becomes a lot easier.

> I’m sure that we can do more in Silver when we can speak to user agent requirements better, but we can discuss the problem and the solution and see what we can do for 2.1.

I’m conscious that the most negative effect come from being surprised by huge changes. E.g. go here and scroll Unless you have a vestibular disorder, in which case don’t go there, ever.

We could fall back to a warning approach at level A (something like “If there are animations that affect more than 1/3 of the view then you must warn the user”). However, I’d rather take a more robust approach.

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