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RE: Is it 2 or 3 years that WCAG will be updated? - I thought it was approx. 3

From: Bailey, Bruce <Bailey@Access-Board.gov>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 14:21:10 +0000
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I realize I am not responding to the most recent reply in this thread.  Andrews measured early response below sums it up for me.

I am in favor of the proposed charter language as cited below.  Two or three years was the cycle as characterized to my Executive Director.  We need to push back on the 11 month expectation.

As a thought exercise, imagine that 2.0 had a point iteration every year since 2008.  Do people think any one of those versions would have cited by 508?  The EU?  ISO?  At best, there would be three different requirements.  The deliberate care taken with 2.0 means that in 2017 we look to have a single gold standard!  Why settle for silver?

I would prefer to see the energy people have for updated SC channeled into more techniques.

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Subject: Re: Is it 2 or 3 years that WCAG will be updated? - I thought it was approx. 3

As of right now we say in the proposed charter "The Working Group intends to produce updated guidance for accessibility on a regular interval of approximately three years, starting with WCAG 2.1.”

We may determine that we can do it in 2 or we may determine that we need 4, or we may find that 2 is too soon or that 3 is too long. It is currently TBD, as there is not a consensus opinion on the group for 2 years at this point in time.


Andrew Kirkpatrick
Group Product Manager, Standards and Accessibility


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Subject: Is it 2 or 3 years that WCAG will be updated? - I thought it was approx. 3

Andrew and Josh,

I was at a presentation today put on by John Foliot, where he stated that we, the WCAG Working Group, will be updating WCAG 2 every two years until Silver comes out.

Is there some background information about how often *we* plan on updating WCAG 2, as was stated in the charter, that I am missing? ​​

* katie *

Katie Haritos-Shea
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