RE: Current gaps in WCAG 2 as reported by Funka to the EU

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> > - "What the WCAG doesn´t say is where this search function should be
> > placed, how it should work or how the results should be presented.
> > This is a general problem with the guidelines. They state that certain
> > functions should exist, but say nothing about the quality of these
> > functions."
> That arguably skirts into usability for all users, not accessibility per se.

[Jason] Prescribing where a search function should be located or how the results are presented would actually preclude innovations that enhance accessibility. In addition, it isn't clear that much can be said which could reasonably be applicable everywhere, across the entire diversity of Web sites and applications.
> > "The WCAG contains very few guidelines concerning design and
> > cognition, and the few advices that are given in this area are found at level
> AAA.
> > In other words, the EU’s proposed directive does not include luxuries
> > such as:
> > ​
> > Being able to see where you are in the navigation structure.
> > ​,
> > Finding comprehensible information in different formats, such as text,
> > illustrations, photos, audio and video ​, ​ Getting relevant feedback,
> > for example when you’re filling in a form.
> And again, these feel to me like they'd affect all users, not just users with
> disabilities.
[Jason] Some provisions that especially benefit people with disabilities also benefit users in general. I don't think this fact should be used as an argument for disqualifying them as potential success criteria.


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