Re: Current gaps in WCAG 2 as reported by Funka to the EU

On 07/11/2016 16:46, David MacDonald wrote:
> The following article identifies the following gaps
> ​ proposed by Funka, an influential player in Europe, most of these
> criticisms are addressed in gap analysis by the Task Forces ​but may
> help us as we make decisions about priorities for 2.1:
> - "What the WCAG doesn´t say is where this search function should be
> placed, how it should work or how the results should be presented. This
> is a general problem with the guidelines. They state that certain
> functions should exist, but say nothing about the quality of these
> functions."

That arguably skirts into usability for all users, not accessibility per se.

> -"the guidelines do not mention that interfaces should work with a mouse
> as well [as keyboard].

We're hoping to tackle that with one of our Mobile A11y TF proposals, 
aren't we *smirk*

> - "Neither do they bring up the touch screen as a possible input device."


> - "WCAG does not reflect the fact that a PC is just one way of accessing
> the Web today."


> "The WCAG contains very few guidelines concerning design and cognition,
> and the few advices that are given in this area are found at level AAA.
> In other words, the EU’s proposed directive does not include luxuries
> such as:
> ​ ​
> Being able to see where you are in the navigation structure.
> ​, ​
> Finding comprehensible information in different formats, such as text,
> illustrations, photos, audio and video
> ​, ​
> Getting relevant feedback, for example when you’re filling in a form.

And again, these feel to me like they'd affect all users, not just users 
with disabilities.

> Full article here:

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