Comments and CFCs

Hi all,

On foot of the recent thread about CFCs, and whether they are Call for 
Comments or Consensus (they are the later), we'd like to follow up with 
how people can comment appropriately on the list before  CFC is called 
and therefore in a more timely fashion. [1]

I'd like to draw your attention to the section:

"During discussion on a topic, participants are welcome to raise 
objections freely to help ensure that all available information can be 
considered and contribute to the best possible decision. However, when 
the chairs issue a Call for Consensus, objections should not be raised 
unless the individual strongly believes the decision is the wrong one in 
spite of discussion, and the individual cannot "live with" the decision. 
Compromise on points that the individual considers suboptimal but can 
"live with" is an essential part of group decisions that must meet 
various requirements."

The chairs therefore would appreciate if people do have comments on 
burning issues that they do monitor the list/minutes and please feel 
free to comment  during the time when an issue is open before the CFC is 

This is for practical reasons, as we do not want to avoid situations 
when a CFC is called on the list and people say +1 with amendment x or y 
as this opens up further cycles/discussion loops that really should have 
happened earlier. It will help the chairs greatly if we can avoid this.

We would like the CFC responses to be binary so either +1/-1.  0 may be 
appropriate for a neutral position also but that will therefore be 
counted as while not in favour, you are not opposed and can live with 
the consensus.


Joshue O Connor | Director - Accessible UX


Received on Thursday, 3 November 2016 16:49:38 UTC