Re[2]: Silver process

Hi Jason,

At this stage, the Silver work is really about researching the 
requirements for the next set of guidelines that
will potentially also support the user agent/authoring tool spaces. To 
what degree this will be the case we just don't know yet. So the current 
document is designed to support this research . As AWK was getting at, 
it's not so much unified field theory for content/User Agent/Authoring 
tools - but a concentrated effort to see what will be practical within 
our new spec to support  content/User Agent/Authoring.

I do think we can enhance the scope of the process doc to indicate that 
we are interested in and actively looking at these domains - but this is 
very early days and the process document is defining just that - the way 
the TF will work.

Could you live with that?


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>To be clear, I am comfortable with the process as drafted if 
>clarifications are made to address the issues raised, making the 
>document less exclusively WCAG-focused in the stated scope of the 
>planned work.
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