RE: should we have a 2 year refresh cycle or a 4-5 year refresh cycle

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Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 10:00 AM

There are options between 10 years and 2 years. I believe we need to take a well thought-out, more conservative stance, than two year view.

Somewhere in between for new SC and a new standard – let’s say – 3 (extremely optimistic), 4 (optimistic), or 5 years (but no more than 5).
[Jason] Hi Katie,
Would you be comfortable with the following, which I put forward in order to understand your position rather than as a proposal at this stage?

·        Commit to completing WCAG 2.1 within the next Charter period, in parallel with work on Silver.

·        Allow the Working Group to refine requirements (e.g., draft success criteria) that are unable to be included in WCAG 2.1. It would be decided near the end of the Charter period whether to seek approval to develop a subsequent WCAG 2.x release or whether to incorporate these requirements into Silver, depending on the state of progress in development of the latter.

·        Make no commitment now to developing any WCAG 2.x releases other than 2.1, and remove any and all reference in the Charter to biennial releases.


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