Re: 1.4.2 audio control, do we want to require the stop mechanism to be more discoverable?

I'd support that...

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On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 11:56 AM, Patrick H. Lauke <>

> On 12/07/2016 16:42, John Foliot wrote:
>> And, I might point out that auto-playing of audio is extremely
>> distracting an disorienting for persons with cognitive and emotional
>> disabilities – especially when the mechanism to turn off autoplay is not
>> extremely clear…..
> Can the video part of an auto-playing video also be distracting? I guess
> 2.2.2 Pause, Stop, Hide covers this part to an extent, though I think that
> doesn't actually explicitly talk about video per se.
> Agreed, although thinking about this, maybe the answer is not "no
>> auto-play" but rather, "no auto-volume" (without user input). We have
>> great precedence here for that already, as this is what Facebook does
>> with embedded videos today, and I've seen examples of video ads inserted
>> on pages with the same functionality: the video is "playing" but the
>> audio is muted until the end user adjusts the volume. (One of the other
>> awesome things I'm noting is that, because of this default behavior
>> in FaceBook, more videos are including captions, often artistically as
>> part of the video, to further entice users to turn the audio up. Yay!)
>> So... is this a one-stop issue? Are we looking for a mechanism to
>> silence the audio quickly (and should we be contemplating a new SC for
>> that?), or is the ability to actually stop the motion of the video
>> quickly (i.e. it's more than just the audio conflict introduced by
>> auto-start?) the same requirement, or a different one?
> Would it make sense to add some form of "the mechanism to (turn off audio
> / pause,stop,hide moving/blinking/scrolling content including video) must
> be easily discoverable/reachable" to the existing 1.4.2 (for audio) and
> 2.2.2 (for video) (both at Level A) and then make one or more new SC(s)
> that cover having a mechanism to prevent autoplaying audio or
> animated/moving/video content altogether, at level AA ?
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