Re: [html-techs-tf] F87 and F89 edit proposals

Hello James,
My understanding of F87 is  that one should not use CSS :after / :before to present essential content ... this is in line with F3 too.
In fact the text alternative computation link included in the reasoning for removal of F87 says:
"Note: Though the user agent may make efforts to compute a text alternative from CSS-generated text in the absence of text content determinable from the DOM, authors should not provide text through a style sheet, as the user agent may incorrectly determine the text alternative."


James wrote:
     Following up on my actions today here are some proposals
     F87 and F89
     These can be considered for next week's WCAG survey
 but have not yet
     been reviewed by the TF. I would like to encourage TF
 members who do
     not normally comment on the WCAG survey to make any
 comments they
     may have there.

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